The special units of the israeli prison service revealed

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    There are some 4,500 security prisoners and detainees incarcerated in the Israel Prison Service, about 50% of whom for crimes “with blood on their hands”. These prisoners include men, women and minors.

    he Nahshon Unit

    This unit transfers prisoners and detainees between prison facilities and the Courts; they also serve as an intervention force and serve as security during riots inside the facilities.

    The Massada Unit

    this is the operational control unit of the IPS that operates during complex occurrences that may take place within the detention facilities; they are also involved in locating and apprehending prisoners on the run.


    The Dror Unit

    a counter-intelligence drug unit that works to expose caches of drugs, and the smuggling of drugs and other dangerous items into the prison.

    i-HLS Homeland Security Israel Prison Service Organization

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