The soldier who knows to much

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    He is accused of having abducted and killed lawyer Jaleel Andrabi in Srinagar in 1996. He has also been named for the murder of at least a dozen other men. He fled the country, and was back in the news after his wife reported him for domestic violence in California in February this year. A court has ordered the Ministry of External Affairs to ensure his extradition, but no action is being taken. Speaking to Open, the Major says if his extradition is actually initiated, he will never be allowed to return alive, he knows too much and he will not keep quiet.His name is Avtar Singh.

    The Man Who Knows Too Much | OPEN Magazine

    Please leave your opinions about whether a soldier (supposedly/arguably) following orders can/should be punished for seeing them through , even if they involved taking (innocent) lives

    Edit:To all moderators,as this is my first thread and first post in an year please put this in the right category if it is not so.

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