The RAW deal: Work for nation, be damned; work against it, be feted

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    The news about the dismissal of the Beijing station chief of India’s external intelligence agency, Research & Analysis Wing for “professional misconduct” has been flashed across the media today. While for most, it is just a juicy news item, to those who have the good of this nation at heart, this is nothing but yet another episode of how this government has completely lost it. Just when it seems they can’t do any worse, they prove you wrong.

    Superior is the boss, PERIOD! Anyone who does not follow orders or does not take instructions properly from the bosses needs to be dealt with in the strictest possible manner. It is true of any service, and even more so in case of those involved with secret operations. But then, they are to be dealt with as per the set procedure for dealing with such cases.

    Nowhere in the world would you find someone revealing the names of officers involved in such instances. It jeopardises operations in the areas they were working in. Maintaining secrecy, especially of those in operational roles, is sacrosanct.

    But look at what has been done here. Not only is the name of the officer, who was the top man in the highly sensitive position in China revealed, what has also been revealed is where he had been posted earlier. How senseless can we get! It almost finishes the career of a top officer who has been in operational roles. Even more importantly, it destroys the years of hard work that he may have put in. This work could include years of building contacts and sources, all of who now come under a cloud in their respective nations.

    It is little wonder that several officers, who risk their lives and lead a life without their families for years, feel let down and their morale plummets when such instances happen?

    The other significant aspect that the idiots who revealed the names have not given a thought to is that the person dismissed was a very senior officer and has information -of operations in two of the most significant areas as far as India is concerned – China and the USA. Surely you need to discipline a person for insubordination, but put him on the mat like this? What if he turns rogue? Can you wipe his brain off?

    Strange that a nation that refuses to part with names of those who have amassed huge ill-gotten wealth in Swiss banks would so eagerly reveal names, endangering its officers and their associates who are working for the nation.

    Dear worthies, this is a nation where arms dealers and middlemen strut around with secret documents. They are wined and dined by the powerful till they are exposed. It is the people who expose the names of these middlemen who need to be feted. However, those who reveal the names of officers involved in secret operations need to be shot between, you know where.

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    So the lobbists have started working?
    IAS Vs IPs Vs RAW cadre !!

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