The PPIM of Malaysia calls for boycott of Chinese Businesses

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    The Musilim Consumers Association of Malaiysia (PPIM) called for a boycott of ethnic Chinese business in retaliation for what was perceived to have been ethnic chinese support for the opposition parties in the recent general elections - giving the mostly Malay political party ,the BN, which has always since independence formed the government, the lowest majority they have ever had since independence in 1957.

    According to the PPIM , the measure is beginning to "bite"


    some excerpts:-

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Muslim Consumer Association (PPIM) says its call to boycott products of companies it has labelled as providing financial support to the DAP is beginning to bite.

    PPIM executive secretary Nadzim Johan said several companies, most of them Chinese-owned, have requested meetings with the organisation to talk about the boycott.

    “Some Chinese business communities have sought a meeting with us,” he told The Malaysian Reserve in a telephone interview. “This is a sign that their businesses have been hit by the boycott call.”

    PPIM is one of several consumer groups who have called for such a boycott
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