The Pitfalls of the Emerging Anti-China Axis

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    There is no second opinion that China's emerging clout in the world economic and strategic spectrum is a cause of concern to the free world and some may even characterise it as the damning threat to world peace!

    However, it is too premature to conclude that the balance has shifted to China.

    From the US perspective, it is following the correct policy of attempting an alliance with China's regional adversaries i.e. Japan and India. What the article misses out is the assiduous overtures being made to Vietnam, which has outstanding issues with China and its hegemonic pursuits. Or for that matter, overtures to Indonesia amongst others.

    Japan's problems with China is not of recent history, be it support to North Korea or the Chinese attempts to grab Japanese islands. It is steeped in history and has hardly been erased from memory on either side. The fact that Japan is slowly giving teeth to its Self Defence Force and converting it into a conventional defence force is a statement in itself of resurgent Japan. And that is the fear of China irrespective of it size and strength that it may use to overawe tiny Japan. Japanese militarism is legend and China has many a time been brought to its knees by Japan and they cannot forget the same.

    India, while pursuing a foreign policy, is still aware of the danger posed by China, notwithstanding China's pious platitudes and homilies. While she can take on China in all fields, it is pragmatic for her to have a loose alliance with the US and in concert block China's hegemonic approach to the Asia Pacific rim. In so far as the Pakistan factor is concerned, it is a mater of worry but can be taken in one's stride, more so if the Us limits its supply of weaponry that bolsters Pakistan's India centric defence infrastructure. A closer tie with the US would allow dual technology transfer which in turn would bolster India's pursuit in the strategic realm.

    Indeed, India will not be anyone's proxy, but the congruence of strategic interests necessitates that both the US and India, along with all countries on the periphery of China and the Seas, gravitate towards a common aim so as to meet the strategic challenges posed in the Asia Pacific Rim.

    Opportunity knocks on the door but only once.

    This is not the time to be Pollyannaish and be taken in and be doused in the sweet tongued flattery that Chinese leaders gush when they have to disarm a country to meet its (China's) long time political, economic and strategic goals.

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