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    in a fast food joint next to the imperial shipyard
    USS Iowa | A New Home in Los Angeles California

    The objective of this center is to restore the USS IOWA while at the same time creating a museum and learning center based around her as the centerpiece.
    The Pacific Battleship Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2009. The organization was awarded custody of USS IOWA BB-61 on September 6, 2011 for display as a museum and educational attraction at Port of Los Angeles Berth 87.

    Very good effort by a few dedicated veterans and members of the public to try and preserve a slice of american history at Los Angeles.

    Pacific Battleship Center
    PO Box 1739
    San Pedro, CA 90733-1739
    ph: 877-4-IOWA-61 (877-446-9261)
    EIN: 26-3934742




    USS Iowa Statistics
    The IOWA Class battleships were rated as the best in the world due to their fast speed, heavy armor, survivability, large caliber guns, flexibility for upgrades and sheer awe for showing the flag around the world.
    Displacement Full Load Operational Displacement: 58,000 tons
    Current Light Ship Displacement: 41,000 tons

    Length Overall Length: 887 ft 3 in
    Waterline Length: 860 ft
    Beam Beam: 108 ft
    Draft Maximum Navigational Draft: 38 ft
    Berth 87 Projected Draft: 31 ft
    Height Keel to mast: 209 ft
    Top antenna above waterline: 175 ft
    Major ship structure above waterline: 122 ft
    Original Cost Original Cost: $110,000,000
    Current Replacement Cost: $2.5 billion
    Construction Facts 800 miles of welding, 1,135,000 driven rivets, 16 miles of ventilation ducts, 14,140 valves and 80 miles of piping.
    Fuel Oil capacity 2,582,000 gallons
    Current Fuel Onboard: 0 gallons – all tanks were water blasted in 1991 for long term preservation
    Electrical capacity Sufficient to handle the industrial and domestic load of a city of 20,000 people. The ship when in commission utilized over 900 electrical motors, 5,300 light fixtures, 250 miles of electric cable
    Food Storage Capacity 100 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, 650 tons of dry stores and 84 tons of frozen meats
    Armor Sides 12.1"; maximum conning tower thickness 17-1/2".
    Guns Three 16"/50 triple main gun turrets (9 guns total). Each barrel is 66'8" long.
    Six (1980's) and ten (1940's & 50's) secondary 5"/38 twin gun mounts.
    Four Phalanx 20mm Close-in Weapons systems.
    Missiles Eight Tomahawk Armored Box launchers (32 long-range cruise missiles).
    Sixteen Harpoon launchers (16 anti-ship missiles).
    Main Engines
    Four geared Westinghouse turbines; 53,000 horsepower each for a total of 212,000 shaft horsepower
    Max speed: 33 kts
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    Some sad history.

    USS Iowa turret explosion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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