The nature of the next Mideast war

Discussion in 'West Asia & Africa' started by Ray, Jan 26, 2011.

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    it appears that there was genuine concessions being given to Israel, but with the leak, these concessions can never be given again.

    Maybe that is the reason why Israel was on a breakneck speed to build more settlements before the Accord came into being.

    It is unfortunate that the Israeli govt did not think this was adequate.
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    Would the deal have been accepted by the palestinian people? I am sure Hamas would have made sure it didn't. If israel had accepted they would have been seen favorably while Hamas would have made sure the deal didn't go through.
    I don't think there is going to be another conventional war in the mid east as far as israel and arabs are concerned, accept for syria, all other countries are US allies. And I am talking about previous wars and countries which fought in them. Iran is another issue. Palestine issue will remain unresolved for quite some time,
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    The problem is, Palestinians are themselves at war divided into factions between Hamas and Fatah. One wants a strong militant style gung ho capturing while the other one is ready to accept the Jewish state. However, both seem to curry favours from Arab despots who back them. This naturally means that the one party here who wanted to just make the concessions and settle down peacefully, is under significant threat or pressure so as "not to let the Arabs down".

    This will only compound the war further. Iran's obsession with trying to be a US-alternate in the region is another problem. They just don't listen to even their closest friends (very few) on practical thinking and like to shoot themselves in the foot. Not only are they making the lives of Palestinians difficult by not giving peaceful parties chance to negotiate and finish this whole mess but also continuing to remain a nuisance for their own people indirectly via sanctions.

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