The (Maharashtra) state government's big, fat lie to the Supreme Court

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    On January 6, the state government filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying that Mumbai has four night shelters, complete with beds, lights, drinking water and first-aid kits for the homeless. This, after the apex court instructed states in May 2010 to create shelters in cities with over five lakh people. Sunday MiD DAY visited the four shelters and found that the government lied by naming Non Government Organisation-run shelters for children as those for the homeless. What's more, the Prinicipal Secretary of the Department of Urban Development says that the state has no policy on the homeless, in the first place. The homeless, meanwhile, caught in a web of deceit and apathy, continue to sleep on the city's cruel roads.

    When the state government files an affidavit in the Supreme Court (a copy of which is with Sunday MiD DAY), claiming to having operationalised 24 shelters for the homeless across the state, complete with postal addresses and a list of 'amenities' available at each, you'd be inclined to believe that our officials are serious about following the guidelines laid down by the apex court with regard to providing shelter to the poorest of the poor. But as this reporter, with a homeless couple (49 year-old Ramu and 45 year-old Basanti) in tow, found during an investigative visit these shelters, as required by the Supreme Court (SC) stipulation, do not exist.

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