The Goldstone Report: Dore Gold vs. Goldstone, full videos.

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    The Goldstone Report: Dore Gold vs. Goldstone at Brandeis University, 05.11.09

    I fell half asleep during Richard Goldstone’s droning speech, half of which was devoted to saying: “Israel has a right to defend itself”.
    Goldstone Defends his Report in Brandeis Debate - Politics & Gov't - Israel News - Israel National News

    I’ll let you watch the entire debate for yourselves:

    Richard Goldstone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - a former South African Constitutional Court judge

    YouTube - Goldstone

    Dore Gold - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 11th Israel Ambassador to the United Nations, Responds:

    YouTube - Dore Gold responds

    Dore gold concludes his speech with this fine video:

    British Army Hero Tells UN Human Rights Council: ‘Israeli Defense Forces Most Moral Army in History of Warfare’

    YouTube - Goldstone Gaza Report: Col. Richard Kemp Testifies at U.N. Emergency Session

    Long Live Israel.

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