The fruitless Oneupmanship of the US and Russia

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    The global recession has put both the US and Russia in problem.

    While the US is averse to sharing the superpower status mantle with any other country, Russia is keen to return to the heady days of being a superpower as before. In this conundrum, Russia is at an advantage since it has oil and the world, especially Europe is oil guzzling and totally dependent on Russia for her winter sustenance.

    But, both Russia and the US has one enemy, even though politically it is not clearly enunciated - China.

    In this area of strategic compulsion both share a common view.

    Therefore, it becomes a compulsion for each other not to poach up each others 'sphere of influence' and demarcate the same to avoid wasteful expenditure and generate avoidable tensions.

    While the countries that are demarcated 'unofficially' within each's 'sphere of influence' may not be amenable to be clubbed so and would demand their sovereign position to decide, it really becomes immaterial if the other does not interfere with the other in exerting its influence in the unofficially demarcated 'sphere of influence'.

    If Russia and the US cannot contain the oneupmanship game in Europe, it will be to their doom since it will allow China and unrestrained spurt at world domination while Russia and the US squander their money over an issue that can be shelved for the time being in the interest of not losing out to history,

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