The First AngloSikh war and battlefield guide

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    Hi all,
    New member of the forum :happy_2:
    Hate to plug my book but just thought I'd let any folks interested in the battles and battlefields in India know of "The First AngloSikh War" .
    As you may know its been a good few years since the last work (Donald Featherstone's At them with the bayonet) came out.

    The book contains a battlefield guide - the first published for the campaign. I've also included GPS locations of all the important points of the battles e.g positions
    of Sikh and British lines, villages, British graves and graveyards, war monuments and other landmarks so Google Earth users can browse the battlefields sites at their leisure from their PC's. In fact most of the locations and items can be seen quite clearly using Google Earth as they have high res photos for the Punjab now.

    I have also had made new scale maps of the battlefields for the book using satellite pics with battle lines superimposed on the modern roads and canals etc that crisscross through these sites now giving the reader a better understanding of how they have evolved

    Anyway I hope its of interest and if anyone does read it and have any comments I would be most grateful for any feedback. Its available on Amazon and AbeBooks and all other online shops.

    Details of book
    Name "The First AngloSikh War"
    Author Amarpal Sidhu
    ISBN 1848689837

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