The fast and furious ( fast five )

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    Spoiler alert !!

    A gang of nice crooked guys plan to pull off a heist .

    And whom do they plan to rob ??--another ( much bigger ) crook.....
    This helps to keep their consience clear , and keeps us ( the audience )sympathetic to them

    But the bigger crook is smart too , and he keeps his 100 million dollars in a huge vault , which is located in a police station and is protected by police officers .

    Yeah ,this is Brazil , and police protect crooks' money ( anything happens here )

    So how to do the heist ?? Here's how--

    Smash through the police station with an armoured car , lasso the huge vault with the help of strong ropes to a couple of cars , and drag it down the streets through surprised onlookers , and bring it dragging to their adda where it can be opened safely.....

    Simple , isn't it......

    Well ,there are complications in the form of police cars chasing the vault as it is dragged down the street , but they can be easily resolved by maneuvering the thick-iron-clad vault itself to smash the police cars .

    But where do they get the armoured car and all ??
    Simple--one of the law enforcers who commands an armoured car has a change of heart as he realises that he is protecting a crooks money , so he joins the bunch who wants to steal it......

    But where do you get the tough cars to drag the huge vault down the street at breakneck speed ??

    Thats simple too--break open a train transporting the cars , and drive the cars out of the running train , but not before you have piled up some dead bodies ( now thats a must ).....

    But where do you get the capital to fund such awesome ventures , and more importantly , people to take such mad risks ??

    Shh--dont ask uncomfortable questions......

    But , on the other hand , if you want the answer--hollywood has a lot of money to waste on stupid movies , and lot of out-of-work actors are ready to act in them.....

    All fast and furious......

    Verdict--okay if you are an aficionado of slam bang action......
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