The embarrassment of Uygurs on the way to modernization

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    the embarrassment of Uygurs on the way to modernization.
    the following is my understanding why so riots happened in Xinjiang recently.

    Uygurs is facing great embarrassment on the way to modernization.....which is the most important reason why so riots happened in Xinjiang recently.

    One hand ,Uyghurs want to live a better and richer life( everyone wants soo)
    On the other hand ,they also want to keep their languages and traditional life style.

    however, Uyghurs two wishes are contradicting with each other.

    1.Uyghurs can have ether modernization or their traditional life style(including their language), but they can not have two at the same time.

    1.If one Uyghurs want a richer and better life, ,he has to accept modernation, He has to accept modern education in Mandarin first,because Uyghurs can not privde moder education,

    However once one Uyghurs accepts modern education, He would naturally give up thier traditional life style and gradually lose his uyghurs identity among the Han-dominant society.
    For example, Nigmati.Rihma, is one famous successful TV Uyghurs host of CCTV. His life style is completely modernzied and is competely differnent from Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

    2. the biggest lesson for Chinese government is its giving-up education-in-madarin of Uyghurs youth.
    After 1980s, CCP government blindly accepted west' shitty advice and abolished mandatory mandarin education over Uyghurs youth.
    So, most of Uyghurs youth, who were born in 1980s and 1990s, were edcuated only in uyghurs.

    Since they can not speaking mandarin, they an not find decent job at all and is and marginlized by mandarin-dominant society..

    3. Who should be responsible to the margalzaiton of Uyghurs?

    first, it is most of Uyghurs themselve thaat rejects to accept mandarin-education and give up the chance to better jobs.
    in fact, although CPC government indeed abolished mandatory mandarin education over Uyghurs, CPC still encourange Uyghrur to accept mandarin ecudation with incentives and dedicated quotas.

    second,west Shitty advice and brainwash.... West medias and government always blah how moral and kind they are to stop CPC's mandatory mandarin education....

    third... CPC's blind accepting west Shitty advice.
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    Yeah do that sooner, before you find yourself mired in jihadi propaganda and the jihad itself.

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    I'm always wondering why Uyghurs haven't totally embraced NEW Uyghur alphabets which have been existing for a long time (both Latin and Cyrillic)and abandoned "backward" Arabic alphabet. It's a pity Chinese stopped the reform.


    A giant step towards "Modernization" !

    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Pindliyon ka gooda
    Ironic and sad. The west's advice is called "shitty" ( I agree with that) but that photograph shows a completely westernized guy. So when a Uighur adopts a westernized lifestyle - it is called "modern" - but the west's advice is called shiity.

    In other words when that shitty advice is followed fully - it stops becoming shitty only for those who folow it and swallow it

    The Chinese are making the same mistakes in internalizing western ideals as Indians. The Chinese have simply gone further.

    In a totally separate discussion on another forum information came up to show that lack of modernization correlates well with biodiversity and modernization correlates with loss of environment and biodiversity.

    I think the word "embarrassment" of Uighurs is "sort of cute". If you look at literacy of Muslims compared with non Muslims in Britain or even India you find that it is lower among Muslims. It is a worldwide trend for Muslims to believe that all the information a huan being needs is in the Quran and a Muslim must lead his life at the Prophet ohammad did. Now the Chinese need to tell the Uighur Muslims that this information is rubbish.
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    It's a major error on the part of Muslim communities around the world to think that " religious education" is education. Religious education is not everything. Religious education is only a small part of the greater whole of education. Don't blame non--Muslims when they see Muslims as brain-dead, devoided of logic, irrational and fanatical.
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    Here is the answer for you.

    A video of how Uyghurs started to learn Mandarin. (CCTV yesterday)
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    RAW should support Ughur , since chinese are supporting Maoist:taunt:

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