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    A 200ml hair oil bottle and 3 candles inside a 5 year old girl. Is'nt that shocking mates. But very much true. These things were found inside the Delhi girl (though I doubt she had that much sense that she is a girl when she got her experience of being a girl in India) who was brutally raped by a demon staying in her locality. Every 3rd victim of rape in India is a Child and guess what ,the predators (though i prefer Demon as predators eat for their life) are mostly known to the family and the victim. A report by the Asian Centre for Human Rights says that the incident of child rape has grown in India by 336% (perhaps Dhoni would have preferred these numbers in the score board when playing test cricket abroad) in decade between 2001 to 2011. Form 2,113 cases in 2001 to 7,112 cases in 2011. Leading here is Madhya Pradesh (Shivraj Singh Chauhan might not be happy with the result) followed by Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi ( Incredible India's incredible Rape capital).
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    Now whom to blame for this??? Big question right!!!! wait for even bigger.
    How to stop it????
    To get an answer of these two question we will see some scenarios.\

    Manoj was making love to his wife at midnight while watching porn (obviously in our cheap and pornically Sound Mobile phone) in his in ln law's house in Chiknauta village, Mujjaffarpur District of Bihar. The locked door broke and the scenario changed from a lousy porn film to a well mapped thriller. The color of the room changed to Khaki from white as because by the time police has broke into the room.
    Police asked Manoj "tera naam Manoj hai naa?"
    Manoj replied " Oye kaun Manoj mera naam toh Sanjay Kumar (ohh my God how could he even take that name, It belongs to one of our bravest soldier) hai."
    The move was smart but "his Oye gave him away" (cortesy- India Today) as it was said in Delhi street accent and he was arrested.
    Wonder who this Manoj is??? This person is a demon in disguise who raped a 5year old girl in Delhi. he stayed in a rented basement room. Police found liquor bottles from his house which he perhaps left before fleeing to his in Laws. A serial Porn Watcher and drunkard.
    Every body includig experts say that liquor, drugs, porns, are the sole cause. But I dont think so because if that is the cause then 87% students including me would have been behind Bars by now. Then what is the issue. i have categorized the causes in parts. Let us have a look.
    1) Low Moral values
    2) Chance of not getting convicted as the victim is child.
    3) Drugs
    4) child Porns and other non convetional porn films.
    5) Our penal code's inefficiency.
    6) easy targets
    Now how to counter the growing porblem???? any idea mates? If yes make yourself free and post. (please dont give bullshit typical Facebook "kill them,, stone them" sort of ideas. An idea with minimum level of effectiveness is welcomed.
    Data Courtesy:- India Today
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