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    This is an interesting commentary on the social and mindset paradoxes that haunt India.

    On the one hand India would like to see itself progressive and liberal, and on the other hand, it is steeped in ultra conservatism.

    This deep-seated conservatism is not merely confined to the rural India (especially that which is displayed by the Khaps and also obscurantist Muslim theological bodies), but is also subconsciously playing on the minds of 'liberal' leaders who shape the destiny of the nation.

    The diktats of the Khaps are obscurantist. But then what about censorship or the lack of courage to laugh at oneself because cartoons lampoon the oddities of society? How is it that those who spread such cartoons can be arrested or banish them from books? Does that not show that our leaders too are behaving as Khaps in their own way?

    The action of the Khap indicates that there is a different society existing in such areas where the Khaps are the rule. It also indicates that there are two different 'legal' systems operating in the country - one, the official one, and two, the Khap one.

    Interestingly, our political leaders are running scared to implement the rule of the Law and instead are allowing obscurantist Khaps to rule the roost.

    This Vote Bank politics is the cancer of our country!

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