the death off the palestinian state project

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    the holy land
    in the last decade Palestinian nationalist aspirations were dashed by a sears off strategic mistakes / historic events
    the second intifada : resulted in a destroyed Palestinian infrastructure and daily idf raids
    the wall : cutting Palestinian labor from jobs in Israel (mass unemployment ) to be replaced by Thai Filipino and Romanian workers
    the Gaza pullout : the idf pullout from Gaza created a Hamas regime apposed to the Palestinian authority the in fi
    the Israeli economic surge : made military spending more sustainable and limited American influence on Israeli policy
    demographic parity : as the birth rate of Jews and Arabs reach equilibrium the need to give in to Arab demands losses relevance
    aid dependency : the Palestinians get up to 40% of GDP as aid making economic growth impossible and corruption rampant
    the death of the peace camp : since 2001 the Israeli left is dieing as the main proponents off peace they are seen as reckless optimists that put the nation at risk a new nationalistic generation has grown up under the influence of war

    respectful opinion and questions are welcome

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