The cost of development

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    70% of this planet is covered with valuable liquid called water. More than 20million people were displaced in India alone for the construction of dams and other projects to cater water to the nation. More than 50% of this were people who didn’t even have a single source of income. In reality, Government only calculated the people who had land, and not the people who didn’t own land, though lived there. If you’re to calculate like that, you’ll get a huge figure. What happened to these people? What happened to the words of the Government? Why were they targeted? And what are we now? Ironically, as it might sound, these people were betrayed like stray dogs. Their rights were violated, staggeringly.

    Today, a major aim of the Government is development. They want factories to be set up here, to be precise. But, this is just a myopic vision of the Government. When these factories are set up, they require huge – indeed a staggering amount – of water to run. This water is most of the time met by digging borewells or by other methods which can cause depletion of water at a huge level. The fact is simple, factories can and will always deplete the natural resources – well, that’s the aim, deplete natural resources. Now, when these factories are built, Government calls this as ‘development’. ‘They provide employment opportunities to the poor people’ this is what the Government official say in every TV interview. But, what do you mean by ‘poor people’? When these factories are built, people residing in that area have to face the consequences. And as a matter of fact, factories are built in places where the value of the land is very very less – aka where the poor live. Now, we have a factory set up, and they’ve dug up a borewell. In about a month, people would start facing acute shortage of water. And in about another month, air pollution and water pollution will get skyrocketed. And in another, people will start seeking alternate. Most of the time, this include them moving out of the place. Now, where do the poor go? Slums! Yes, now, that’s how rich peasants end up as beggars and slum dwellers. And in 2-3years, the Government would issue a notice to them, calling them as ‘encroachers’ and ‘filthy’. Ironically, these were the people who moved out of their own land for the sake of the development. And now what have they got? They’ve become ‘encroachers’. They’ve become landless. They’ve become ‘filthy’. What not?

    Now, another thing is Government build dams ‘for distributing water among the people’ and to produce electricity. I really don’t understand, by the term ‘people’ does the Government mean, ‘a few middle class and elites’ or ‘the people’ without any discrimination? More than 20% of India has to travel about half a kilometer+ to get drinking water. Even Kerala, which takes pride in its HDI, isn’t able to cater pure drinking water for more than 29% of its population. That’s not all, the Government’s water distribution is so pathetic that, even the ‘middle class and [the] elites’ have to purchase water from private firms. Why? Not even a single tap in India can guarantee at least one hour of continual flow of water. And even if it flows, you get one hour flow of drips-of-water. Now, where does the water go? If you think it goes into irrigation; you’re wrong. The land irrigated in India, according to the World Bank, is less than 35%. Where does the water go?

    Sanitation, according to Jairam Ramesh – the Rural Minister – is in a ‘disastrous’ level. Sanitation in India is a lot worse than the water. More than half of India’s population defecates in open. Yes, imagine that! A project by the Government to tackle the problem is an unrealistic dream. Most of the time, Sanitation is catered by NGOs.

    This nation stresses on the need of elites than the poor. It’s absolutely outrageous. The Government wants to provide employment; but, not water. The Government wants to ensure the welfare of the people; but, according to the Government ‘people’ doesn’t include ‘the poor’. The Government wants to build dams; but, not even a single citizen have found it useful than harm. I really don’t understand. Why always the poor? And even after the poor have suffered, why is our nation still lagging? This is the cost of development which we all dream about. I’m not saying that, we shouldn’t move forward, but when we move forward, take all the people forward.

    -Jai Hind

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