The Congress’ moment of truth

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    Those who have seen her on TV Debates would remember that she is very deft at oblique praises for the Congress and 'secularism'. Some would think that she is a closet Congreswoman.

    This article is the anguished lament of a well intentioned, if not open acolyte of the Congress Party.

    Her syntax is interesting.

    Indira Gandhi had suspended democracy. Suspended or emasculated? Putting opponents in jail without cause is suspension of democracy or emasculation by dictatorial means?

    Indeed The Congress faces a structural dilemma on several fronts — organisational weakness, ideological stagnation and shrinking social support. What else can one expect when nothing is allowed to grow under the Gandhi (not the real one though!) banyan tree?

    The columnist roots obliquely for Rahul Gandhi with her sentence, Rahul Gandhi recognised the terrible condition of the organisation when he said in 2013: “I am not afraid to say that the Congress has become moribund. It has scarcely a single leader with a modern mind … Congress has never succeeded in evolving into a modern political party.”. However, she conveniently has amnesia that he is not the solution, but actually the problem and that he is more content with gimmickry than substance and is out of his depth in education, knowledge and knowing the real India, beyond his photo ops. That would hardly indicate that R Gandhi has a 'modern mind'! Maybe modern by Bollywood theatrics standards to outdo Johnny Lever, but not Mehmood.

    Of course, Rahul Gandhi should have taken the post since he was the party’s undeclared prime ministerial candidate in the election but then defeat was staring in the face and it would have meant the obliteration of the Nehru Gandhi legacy. Therefore, Sonia Gandhi did the next best thing. Did not give up the control of the Nehru Gandhi grip and yet, adroitly ensured the charisma of the Nehru Gandhi remains high with sycophants projecting very dubiously that Rahul was the face of the Congress. Even the normally reticent Mickey Manmohan, gulping down slights and insults, said that the young Gandhi could take his place and he would merrily work under him! What more does one need more than that?

    Why take on the doddering Kharge? It is part of the Machiavellian plan of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul being too dim witted to scheme that is being played out to ensure young Rahul remains the 'face' of the Congress. It is only the tip of the continuum that started by ensuring that young challengers bite the dust and go into temporary oblivion. Pilot and that Srimant of Gwalior,Schinde were given charge of their States, fully knowing that they and the Congress will bite the dust and be condemned forever. or at least, this young Rahul learnt the ropes! Kharge is, like Manmohana, merely warming the bench, he being a non entity.

    What able and popular leaders...strong, locally rooted, regional is Zoya delusionally hallucinating about? She epitomise the muddle headed confusion by stating in the same breath as praising the Nehru Gandhi (tongue in cheek) with her - Over the past few decades, the overriding presence of the Nehru-Gandhi dynastic leadership has hindered fresh political talent from outside the trusted circle taking leadership positions thus immobilising the party’s organisational base.

    if indeed the malaise has encouraged a debilitating trend of sycophancy and preference for loyalists, which cuts off the leadership from the grassroots, in the process making them inaccessible to both leaders and workers so be it. If leaders can be taken in by sycophancy and can be distanced from the grassroots, then are they leaders? India, would do well, without such dolts since they would not be able to project India to the world or help India out of the morass and instead only know how to save their bacon.

    The offer to resign by Sonia and Rahul was as fraudulent as the 'inner eye' talking to Sonia Gandhi. They were well aware that the second rung leaders had been tarnished as falsifiers (euphemistic for stronger words) , spin doctors and abjectly corrupt in thought, speech and deed; all in the defence of the powers that be, and who had no chance in hell to wash way the dirt. Hardly any reason to for any Congressmen to feel otherwise to give the Empress Dowager and child a thumbs down, given that none could shake the edifice of the Nehru Gandhi that was cast in stone and they have carefully orchestrated their partial 'cleanliness' heaping it on others to bear the Cross.

    Why should the Congress. which has has also lost the support of Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims to regional parties. Unless the party rebuilds its base among these groups and the urban poor? Are they any special from others who are equally suffering? Zoya and her ilk who actually espuse the Muslim cause and chuck in the others as smokescreen should understand people see through their subtle shenanigans.

    Why can't all think as Indians and not as special compartments? Do Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims are the only ones who suffer inequality of our Nationhood? This divisive mindset is the real reason why all have shunned the Congress.

    Sooner the Congress realise it, the better.

    And Congress acolytes like Zoya should get it clear that while divide Indian and keep it on the boil maybe her cup of tea, India is awaking and it will shun such Zoya like and Congress' skulduggery.
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    News papers and journos, a strange combo of convoluted interests,

    Today every newspaper in Indai has carried out two important piece of news,

    1. 23000 document received over the year regarding black money transactions,

    2. Bharath rathna for 5 including Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose and others,

    But strangely both items were missing from THE HINDU, with Bharath rathna news given a single coloumn 6 inch length coverage in the top left corner of the front page.

    I guess Editors of Hindu live in a different india where RBI gov is the top news personality to be carried out with a big photo and a feature in the front page!!!!

    Also in yesterday's TOI, A guy called ghautham Bhatia(can't recollect the name properly) wrote a lengthy piece on why the proposed war memorial for indian soldiers died defending the country at 100 crore cost by govt is not needed!!!!!

    The reason it will spoil the open landscape feature !!!!

    God help our country out of the evil designs of people like this.
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    bjp should be blamed for media handleing!

    Congrass supports only media which're kind to them!

    Centre and state bjp govt should subscribe only right wing medias! Where party offices and state libraries!

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