The British Origin of Cow-Slaughter in India

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    It is a shame that I speak a lot and but do less research. It was Atal Bihari Vajpayee's initiative who requested scholar Mr. Dharampal to do research on origin of Cow slaughter in India. The study was submitted in 2002.

    Ladies and Gentlemen the riddle is cracked and without a surprise the same old White thug has been found guilt. I have no doubt the malignant divide on cast was brain child of these same rascals.

    I may sound a bit excited for this thread as many of you may have knew about this study, but for me Rajiv Malhotra has started making more sense to me.

    Morons from Pakistan who associate beef eating with their religion gets further busted by this book, as it reveals how slave subjects of British empire from both the communities had no choice but to fell prey of this conspiracy.
    To order a copy, contact [email protected] giving your full postal address and number
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    Enough of books and articles , no body reads these days . Time to do documentaries from cuts and pieces of all movies you tube videos I guess. If some body form a group i will join them and contribute with the materials and edited vid in sequence to the this book. and post in you tube . any like minded ?
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