The Bihar chief minister may have caused a salutary churning

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Ray, Jun 22, 2012.

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    An interesting take on the shenanigans that has taken over Indian politics consequent to the Presidential election.

    What exactly is the trick being played on the Indian electorate one wonders.

    How far is this true:

    If it is true what are the consequences?

    If not, what are the consequences?

    An interesting dilemma for the Indian electorate.
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    It was RSS who decided and proposed two names (Modi and Gadkari) to BJP, choose one as PM and one as Party President.

    It was BJP, who have to decide as per RSS's proposed names only.

    Like Modi will be next PM candidate and Gadkari will be Party President.


    Gadkari will be PM candidate and Modi will be the Party President.

    Anyways, first thing is who can kick out congress this time? This is a big and main question.

    If anybody else can do this? if yes then let them do, if they are not sure about the results, then let it be NaMo.

    bcz, this election will be the most important one in Indian history. Sonia Gandhi is suffering from cancer, she don't have more time, then who knows?

    Congress it self facing bad time. We all know about Rahul Gandhi, after Sonia Gandhi, it is a big question who will listen to Rahul. Priyanka and her Indian version of Zardari left alone in the Dynasty.

    So let it be Modi this time, let him kick out the Dynasty from Indian political picture. After that RSS and their groups can do what ever they likes.

    But first stay with Modi and support him.
    Kick out congress is more important, let him do that first.
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    Not many have this ceritificate of failure proof campaign to PM's desk. I haven't seen any after Vajpayee.
    Sonia Gandhi was doubted for if she'll ever lead Congress to victory or even if she'll survive in Indian politics for long.
    Look at the current Indian PM. He's no super guy.
    And in my opinion Modi's following may be or not among activtists but is surely among the people.
    From an electoral perspective - more than the man himself it depends on how he is perceived among the people.
    That perceptive choice is what counts in the end (the results of that choice are a different matter though).


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