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    Pakistan Army's experiment of flushing Bengali genes out by rape (I forgot what particular words PA COAS ordered, can not find that article, any help will be appericiated) experiment has partial success. Because I can see those bastard with Bangladeshi flags on internet, being apologist about Bangladesh freedom and Pakistan's atrocities.

    From trailer I can see a good effort done by director to present what happened in Bangladesh. Shame on United States of America and all his minions for supporting this genocide.

    On Side note : I came to know that Mao the Chinese butcher also interfered in East Pakistan. He called/meet Abdul Hamid Bhashani, (who played a very critical role in the 1969 movement which eventually led to the collapse of the Ayub regime and the release of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and other co-accused in the so-called Agartala conspiracy case against Pakistan. His decision to boycott the 1970 Pakistan general elections due to his mistrust of the West Pakistani leaders, effectively led to the electoral sweep by erstwhile opponent Mujibur Rahman. His efforts created a sense of fierce nationality and a spririt of independence amongst all Bangalis of East Pakistan.) and threatened him not to go against his friend Gen Ayub Khan.
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    Someone needs to post this in PDF!!!

    Look up the comments (mostly in Bengali) where the pakis are desperate to defend themselves, as are their cronies, the Jamayat.

    Apparently the only card these assholes have to play is the "Muslim brothers of the ummah"
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    It has been already posted over there by some Indian, 4 days before :D

    Thread title " Upcoming Bollywood movie on 1971 "
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