The Baloch leader embarrasses Bern (Switzerland)

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    Brahamdagh Bugti, Baloch separatist leader, has applied for asylum in Switzerland. Pakistan, which considers him a terrorist, would press for the extradition of Bern. A delicate situation when everything is done to free the two Swiss hostages held since July in Pakistan

    The matter is delicate. Bern and walking on eggshells. Arrived in Switzerland last October, Brahamdagh Bugti, leader of the independence of Baluchistan, is applied for asylum. However, Pakistanis consider him a terrorist and wishing his extradition. Bern will have to decide. Where the plot thickens, is that Switzerland has no incentive to get back to Pakistan now has at all is made ​​to release as soon as possible the two Swiss hostages held since July 1 in the country.

    “I am aware of this difficulty. But I remain confident. I am seriously threatened, we can not send me back there, “says Bugti Brahamdagh Time. His story? He fled Pakistan in fall 2006 after escaping from an army operation that ended three days later by the death of Nawab Akbar Bugti, his grandfather 79 years, former Prime Minister of Baluchistan. Brahamdagh Bugti was first found refuge in Afghanistan with his family. Where he was threatened by the Taliban and Al Qaeda militants and targeted by several attacks.

    “I have during this period several back and forth between Afghanistan and Baluchistan. I asked the UNHCR to find me a safe haven. But as no solution has been found, I ended up asking a tourist visa for Switzerland since an embassy located in a Gulf country. “This is his story. The New York Times wrote him in a recent article, that because of increasing pressure on the Pakistanis to deliver the Afghans, the United States and member countries of NATO intervened to get him out of Afghanistan. And soothe the tensions between the two countries. Brahamdagh Bugti, 30, now lives in Geneva. “With my mother, my wife and three children.” He confirms that he did file a claim.

    Who is he? Since the death of his grandfather, he became the official head of the influential Bugti tribe and founded the “Baloch Republican Party” (BRP), a party separatist ambitions of which he is president. The Pakistanis, who are trying to quell the rebellion Baluchi, consider him a terrorist. They make it responsible for deadly attacks and sabotage of oil and gas pipelines. Sources said the Pakistani secret services allegedly offered 800,000 dollars to an Afghan journalist to kill him in Kabul. Brahamdagh Bugti denies being responsible for acts of violence. “I am a political leader, I do not lead an armed rebellion. But my people fighting for freedom, for their rights and the independence of Balochistan, “said he. Professor Albert Stahel, a connoisseur of the region, comes to his defense, “Bugti was not a terrorist. We should grant him asylum. “

    The Pakistani province rich in mineral resources, is facing since 2004 heavy fighting between armed rebels and Pakistani military. Assassinations and kidnappings are legion. “Several members of my party have disappeared, abducted by the ISI (Pakistani intelligence, ed.) Bodies are sometimes found on the roadside, “says Baloch leader. “Members of my family were threatened and killed when we fled to Afghanistan. They were accused of helping me to leave, “he adds. Worried by the increase of military repression in the region, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watchhave repeatedly condemned abuses by Pakistani forces in Balochistan. They have done so recently. Baluchistan is also an area of ​​retreat for the Taliban. And it is precisely in this region a couple of Swiss was kidnapped in July, a group fighting Al-Qaida close to, the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan. They have since been transferred to Waziristan. The hostage takers demanded the release of a Pakistani physicist sentenced to 86 years in prison in the United States.

    Brahamdagh Bugti speaks in perfect English. He said not to conduct political activities from Switzerland. “My priority is to get asylum. I offered my resignation to the Central Committee of my party, “said he. “But I stay in touch with my people.” On a website devoted to Baluchistan, an article claims that he met in Geneva, the former Secretary General Kofi Annan. And that he had several meetings with senior Swiss officials. Brahamdagh Bugti denied. Contacted the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs also denies categorically any contact with him. “Switzerland does not maintain contacts with representatives of Balochistan,” said spokesman Georg Farago. Concerning the possible interference of this case with that of Swiss hostages, the DFA simply highlight the efforts of a “return of the two Swiss citizens safe.” Nothing more.

    The Federal Office for Migration and the Federal Office of Justice are not more vocal. 0n learns only that extradition to the country of origin is granted only under the subject of a binding decision to reject the claim. But the FOJ will neither confirm nor deny that an extradition request has been filed, as stated by the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, September 11. In Bern, caution remains the watchword.
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