The ASEAN (SEA) Sea and Unity-Disunity Comments

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    What i am truing to say here i s that we had started with the wrong name !

    What we have called the SCS without thinking , should actually be called the ASEAN Sea
    Some folks may ask and say, that the ASEAN movement was only established in the 60's
    So really it should have been called the South East Asian SEA ( the SEA sea )

    I am calling for a reversion to what should have been the correcct name , that is the ASEAN sea
    or alternatively the SEA sea.

    Secobndly this thread is specifically devoted to discussion on the unity or disunity within the ASEAN nations as to their unity in facing hina or indeed their cowardice in doing so eg
    Most Asean countries ‘want to stay out of Beijing’s South China Sea dispute with the Philippines’
    Southeast Asian bloc left out mention of international court ruling as Manila was the sole party who wanted it included, says diplomat
    PUBLISHED : Thursday, 28 July, 2016, 4:09pm
    UPDATED : Thursday, 28 July, 2016, 11:11pm
    IN that particular case, we see that the divide and rule strategy which china is quietly employing seems to be working

    someone has to tell these ASEAN 10 ( nations ) that you wont win an inch by giving in too much to china .....they are gonna stick with the 9 dashed line and that leaves ASEAN basically with some crumbs fallen off the table .... and if ASEAN sees themselves that way , then just too bad , bunch of vassal states

    please respond with other ideas an instances of how united or otherwise ASEAN is and what can be done to help them have a bit more guts

    and also how india can supply them defence products and systems, .....for a price, of course

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    The appropriate name of the sea, is Indo-China Sea (ICS).


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