The Art of Losing India's true Soul and dehumaninzing the Bharuts of India

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    The Art of Loss and Loosing the Indian Psysche and Soul Atma and Moksha leaving depraved nation is the thread.

    I shall star the thread by asking the navigational cultural benchmarks and the depraved India efforts to regan this Moksha!!!

    1. Was there a Shiva in Mount Kailsah and Lake Mansorovar? If yes then where is it and how come it is gone from the truth of india's being?

    2. Were the Bamiyan Buddhas in Bamiyan in Afghanistan and where are they and why is Indian impotent in replaceing them?

    3. Where is Harrappa and Mohenjodaro? Was this not important to the Atman of an Indian?

    4. Where is the Markings for the greatest Battle of the Sikhs in Tora Borah Mountains of Afganistan? Is is not important to India.

    In closing ...when King Kwang Su of China lost Formaosa and Japan he did not cry that much but when the German Kaiser took Shantong Mountain Area, where Menicus was born and where Confucus was born her thought he lost the soul of India?

    Do people in this Anna Hazare country fail to be interested in Ithihas or is it so divided within itself that it NEVER had a soul?

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