The agenda of Chinese space tech in the coming 15 years!

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    one "important somebody" in the field of CHinese space tech held a lecture in one Chinese famous space-tech university.

    the lecture reveals some interesting student there summarized the lecture as following.
    1. China now is one of main countries in the space race,but still is not a "space power". only USA and Russia can be titled " Space powers" now.
    But China plans to consolidate the postion of one of main countries in the space race,and to own the capacity to be a "space power" in 2020. In 2030, CHina is to consolidate the positon of "space power" completely.

    2. Chinese rocket is to rasie its LEO capacity from 8.8 tons to 25 tons soon( USA,Russia ,EU and Japan has the rockets with LEO capacity of 20 tons and India's is 5 tons now)

    3. Chinese Chang'e project( moon rover landing project) have 3 stages:1 circling moon;2 testing the tech of landing-on-moon;3 landing on moon.
    Before Chang'e project is finished, the project of landing-men-on-the-Moon will not start.

    4. India declaims to land men on Moon in 2015. the "important somebody" commented that " India's project will have huge tech perils"

    5. Chinese ASAT experiment in 2007 was done to show Chinese tech capacity and make Yankees shut up.

    6. China has 34 satellites in the sky now,but to have 100+ satellite in 2015.

    7. China has the capacity to sent satellets into any orbit over the eath and also has the capacity to sent warheads to any corner on the earth.

    8. China still has long way to become a real " space power" ( that is , side by side with USA). But CHina now has nough brain and money now,so CHina is to be a "space power" easily in about 2030 ,as long as China economy can consolidates its position.


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