The actions of some of Modi’s political allies could jeopardise India’

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    This is one of the most odd columns I have seen, which is full of contradictions.

    Now if there was a BNP - Jamaat coalition government, how in the name of Scott, could the JJamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh be a RAW creation?

    Maybe the distance of the author from the Indian shores and not wanting to have access to the Indian press reports makes him parrot what the US agencies tell him to state. It is after all fashionable to do down whatever India does, and in the bargain, appear to be a know-all sage!

    Of course, the Bengal Assam border with Bangladesh is porous. Everyone knows that. It is not rocket science to know so. But conspiracy theories are wrong? Yes, there is no conspiracy theory, but what the author thinks are conspiracy theories, are in fact, actual fact. Even the Supreme Court has commented on the same about illegal immigrants coming into India with a purpose.

    Possibly this pseudo American accented coot is not aware of
    The bomb maker of Brudwan has in front of the Magistrate has admitted that he is a Bangladeshi and many others have been found to be Bangladeshis with the joint investigation of the NIA and Bangladeshi agencies.

    So, how come this blind man who has authored this article peddles that 'political allies' will harm foreign policy?

    Who is affected by the arrests?

    Bangladesh and India,

    And they are working on the case in tandem. Is it to do harm to the foreign policy?

    This oaf of a US agency voice should realise that the phenomenal galloping growth of madarsas and mosques along the border is a known fact. And how come that such a growth has occurred if not because of the growth of the population? Not because of a rabbit like explosion of uncontrolled libido, but because dangerous Banglsdeshi with a nefarious aim in view, have infiltrated.
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    Re: The actions of some of Modi’s political allies could jeopardise In

    Er... Which B'Deshi among them is Modi's ally?

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