The AAP effect: Lokpal Bill in this Parliament session, vows Govt

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    Activist Anna Hazare began an indefinite fast today in his village in Maharashtra, demanding the urgent introduction of a new anti-corruption law. In Delhi, the government said that it is committed to pushing through the legislation - the Lokpall Bill - in this session of Parliament which ends on December 20.

    That announcement was made by union minister V Narayanasamy. The initiative will be attributed to the spectacular performance in the Delhi elections of the Aam Aadmi Party, whose founder Arvind Kejriwal partnered with Anna in 2011 to champion the Lokpal Bill, which creates a national ombudsman or Lokpal empowered to investigate charges of corruption against elected representatives and bureaucrats.

    The Aam Aadmi Party landed 40% of Delhi's seats in the recent state election, proving that voters, frustrated with endemic corruption, have accepted that Mr Kejriwal will deliver on his promise to battle graft.

    In 2011, Anna and Mr Kejriwal engineered a huge anti-graft movement that electrified middle class India. The apogee of the campaign was a 16-day fast by Anna in Delhi which drew thousands of people everyday, and impelled street protests in other cities.

    As Anna's health deteriorated, a shaken parliament agreed to urgently introduce the new law. It cleared the Lok Sabha, but flopped in the Rajya Sabha, after which it has been amended by a parliamentary committee.

    The new version will have to be introduced and passed by the Rajya Sabha and then the Lok Sabha. So far, this session of Parliament has seen no business being transacted; disruptions over issues like the creation of a Telangana state have led to daily adjournments.

    Mr Kejriwal and Anna parted ways last year after the 44-year-old former tax inspector decided to launch the Aam Aadmi Party. Anna said he could not be associated with a political organization.

    The AAP effect: Lokpal Bill in this Parliament session, vows government |
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    The UPA has finally started realising that the people cannot be taken for granted.
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    It is Anna effect !
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    Firstpost article:
    Narayana Murthy's
    thumbs up to AAP
    spells trouble for
    Is the business
    community gradually
    warming up to the idea
    of the Aam Aadmi
    Party (AAP)? There are
    indications to this
    effect and it may
    unsettle the Bharatiya
    Janata Party a bit.
    In an interview to The
    Economic Times today,
    Infosys Executive
    Chairman NR Narayana
    Murthy has lauded AAP
    for the spectacular
    victory that the party
    had in the Delhi
    Terming the AAP
    winning 28 seats "a
    truly remarkable
    achievement", he told
    the newspaper that it
    has destroyed the
    myth political parties
    need a lot of money to
    win elections.
    "It means if you have a
    thoughtful message for
    people, they will vote."
    He also thinks the idea
    behind AAP is important
    for this is likely to
    encourage more such
    engagements in politics.
    If more independent
    candidates use the AAP
    methodology and win in
    other cities, it could
    even impact the
    Narendra Modi vs Rahul
    Gandhi dynamic, he has
    So what is this idea
    behind the AAP that
    has got Murthy hooked
    on? It is the promise of
    corruption-free politics
    based on transparency.
    Significantly, Murthy is
    not the only one from
    the business
    community to support
    the AAP.
    Even as the results
    were pouring in and it
    was clear that the
    Congress on the way to
    get routed, Biocon
    Chairperson Kiran
    Mazumdar Shaw said
    praising the AAP's
    "amazing" debut that
    "people want corruption
    free politics based on
    transparency and
    She tweeted that the
    AAP and Arvind Kejriwal
    have walked the talk on
    clean politics and tasted
    success as a result.
    Another businessman
    who echoed the view
    was Anand Mahindra,
    Chairman and MD,
    Mahindra Group. He was
    of the opinion the AAP
    victory meant that
    India still wants to be
    an idealistic country
    rather than a cynical
    one. "Honesty isn't just
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    The bill that will be introduced in the parliament will be jokepal and not Anna's or AAP's Lokpal.
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    west bengal
    It all began with the former Army chief making an apparent attack on Arvind Kejriwal and AAP. "We should not split and form different groups in our fight against corruption for personal gains," he said.

    Anna Hazare and the leaders of AAP including Kejriwal were together in the anti-corruption movement and campaign for a Jan Lokpal Bill for more than a year till AAP was formed a year ago.

    Rai, deputed by AAP to be at the fast site till end of the protest, interjected to question Singh and told him discuss Jan Lokpal. He asked Singh why he was raising other matters.

    Then Hazare, on the fourth day of his fast, bluntly told Rai not to interrupt Gen Singh.

    Singh told Rai that the fight against corruption is in national interest and they have to fight together and not by forming different groups and parties.

    "You can speak later. If what I say is not palatable to someone ... you are under a misconception and keep that within you. The wrong things that you have done. Do not force me to speak further," he said.

    Hazare told Rai sternly "Even yesterday I told you not to fast. Why are you speaking in between. We have not asked you to fast. If you want to create a ruckus, you can keep out of this village. It is not right to interrupt when someone is speaking."


    "Someone who is ingratiating himself with (Narendra) Modi to get a BJP ticket should not give us advice," Mr Rai later said, referring to General Singh who was seen with the BJP's prime ministerial candidate at a rally in Haryana a few months ago.

    Later talking to reporters, Gen Singh said he took exception to the "uncivilised conduct" of Rai when he intervened during his speech.

    "I cannot say more than this. It is below my dignity to react to him. It was Anna's platform," he said in reply to questions.

    Continuing his veiled attack on AAP, he said they took advantage of Anna's movement and tried to "belittle" Hazare thinking he would come behind them in three or four months. "What is the politics in this," he said.

    When asked about the attack on AAP, he said he had made no direct or indirect attack on anybody but had only spoken the truth. "It is for others to interpret because I speak out my mind. I do not speak at the instance of others."

    When asked about his political ambitions in the background of his sharing stage with Narendra Modi in a public meeting in Haryana, he said "I do not know whether I have any political ambitions. Let there be no misconception.

    "I went to an ex-servicemen's rally in which Modi was there. I will go anywhere in the interest of ex-servicemen because I am an army man first," he said.
    Anna Hazare rebukes Arvind Kejriwal's partyman, asks him to leave fast venue - YouTube

    Hazare vs AAP: Anna rebukes Kejriwal’s man at fast venue - The Times of India
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    west bengal
    This bringing & promised passing of legislation on Lokpal bill cannot be attributed to AAP.
    Its the sole hard work of Anna Hazare and his team which Arvind Kejriwal has parted ways with.
    The bill has already been tabled and passed in the Lok-Sabha & going by this analogy Lokpal bill is brought in by the AAP.
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