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Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by Singh, Sep 21, 2009.

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    ALL b.s , we have so much talent in our country, durign my last fight in dubai, i had a friend a local from delhi who - was trained for only 6 months he was learning - kushti for 5-6 years - in delhi.
    this bugger was short on money and no help from anywhere, he had 2 fights finished first in 30 seconds with a upper cut and a side on kick.

    secodn fight he knocked out the opponent , who went unconsious he lifted him up and threw him on ground - on his shoulders . which got diclocated and broke his spine.


    i had one fight which i won , but when i came back . i found out this kid cant continue with MMA. because of lack of funding.

    i tried my best and helped him from my side and a few corporate sponserships,.

    but there are lot of kids like him - who can be right on top - on world sports map. but cant because of lack of infrastructure and politics in organising bodies.

    indian team - i met in holland about a few years back , i was representign my university - from united states side.
    it was pleasing side to see this - india kid from - fridabad -NCR, winning and wooping some serious fighters. ranked as high as no.5 in world.
    but now this fella got a paan shop , in sector 15 faridabad.

    India kids only go up in sports if we have our own money to invest and put in for infrastructure.

    these government authorities cant make a single athlete in next 100 years.

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