Thackerays put their faith in Muslim doctor

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    For almost every day during the past five years, pulmonologist Dr Jalil Parkar visited his most famous patient, Balasaheb Thackeray , at the latter's bungalow in Bandra (East). It wasa relationship that began with a Sena bigwig calling the UStrained chest specialist to check on the patriarch. It was his medical prescription that helped bring under control Thackeray's chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a progressive lung disease that makes breathing a difficult exercise . A steady doctor-patient relationshipthus began, with Dr Parkar being present every time the Thackerays — be it Balasaheb or his son Uddhav — took ill.
    Parkar's friends say that the doctor saved the senior Thackeray's life five times in thesefive years - something that earned him the family's complete faith. "Everytime Balasaheb was brought to the hospital, it was because Parkar realised in time that the leader urgently needed hospitalisation," said a senior doctor from Lilavati Hospital, where Parkar consults.
    Given Thackeray's Hindutvadi politics , people have always remarked about his personal doctor being a Muslim . The doctor, for his part, refrained from answering any such questions, but consistently maintained that the Shiv Sena chief was one of the kindest men he had met.
    When Thackeray Senior needed a second heart intervention in 2009 (the first intervention was done in 1996), it was Parkar's advice that made the difference for the leader who wasn't too fond of medication. When Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray needed a heart intervention in July this year, it was again Parkar who led the Thackeray family through the medical drama.
    The 50-something doctor, who worked in the Middle East before returning to India in 2000, passed out of Grant Medical College before going to the United States for further studies. His father, he has mentioned in the rare interviews he has given, was a strict disciplinarian who wanted each of his three sons to be a doctor.
    The doctor, who has confessed tobe being a mischievous student, would always seek to disarm pointed and uneasy questions with a funny line when asked about his famous patient. But on Saturday, he was a model of grace as he read his first and last medical bulletin on Thackeray:"We could not revive him despite our best efforts. He breathed his last at around 3:30pm."
    Dr Prakash Jindani is easily one ofthe city's best-known intensivists.Many hospitals vie for his skills. Hebriefly left Lilavati Hospital, Bandra(W), before rejoining recently. He passed out of Sion Hospital and has been associated with treatingmany high-profile patients admitted to Lilavati's ICU. While intensivists are relatively unknown figures in medicine, Jindani's name appeared in newscolumns mainly because of his VVIP patients. He headed the teams that took care of Amitabh Bachchan's hospitalisation in 2007 and Uddhav Thackeray's hospitalisation in July 2009. Alongwith Dr Ahmad Ansari, he took care of the Shiv Sena chief during the latter's last days in the makeshift ICU at Matoshree, Bandra (E).
    Dr Ahmad Samad Ansari, who is in his mid-30 s, is the in-charge atLilavati Hospital's sixth-floor ICU. He studied medicine in neighbouring Madhya Pradesh and specialised in anaesthesia before taking up a superspecialisation in critical care. He was first part of the teamthat attended to Bal Thackeray during the Sena chief's hospitalisation in 2009. In the past two weeks, he has been spending hours at Matoshree attending to Thackeray in the makeshift ICU.
    Dr Ajit Menon is a senior cardiologist with Lilavati Hospital. He, along with Dr Samuel MatthewKalarickel, performed an angioplasty on Bal Thackeray in July 2009. The same team performed two angioplasties on Uddhav Thackeray in July and November 2012. Menon is amongthe team of specialists who was on Thacekray Senior's healthcare team. The other consultants included urologist Hemant Pathank, dermatologist Chetan Oberai and anaesthetist Satish Kulkarni.

    Thackerays put their faith in Muslim doctor - The Times of India

    Seems like mr. thakrey get best doctors for treatment.
    A facility that every top politician get.
    A ordinary man don't get those facility.
    But i think it was not important for toi to mention religious faith of doctor.
    A doctor is a doctor first.
    Its his/her duty save the life of patient.
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    Atleast he didn't take a jet and fly to us for treatment wasting taxpayer money.
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