Terrorist Threat on USA soil credible but unconfirmed!

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    As we have been hearing from USA officials about the unconfirmed but credible threat for the city of New York and capital city. they have been saying over and over again that individuals are trained in Pakistan and one of them might be a Pakistani national. God forbid if any thing takes place after the anniversary date would USA launch all out campaign to get the backing of UNO and have resolution passed to authorize the nation's of the world to wrest the control of Nuclear weapons under the same pretext as it did against Iraq.

    If the Military and political leadership refuses to co-operate than what will be outcome? Would President Obama during his planned visit in November 2011 try to negotiate way out for Pakistan? What will be the reaction if anything takes place before President Obama's visit which is of the same magnitude as that of 2001 September?
    If USA and its allies do take military action, How will China react?

    Give me your feedback and what do you see for Pakistan as in the near future and in distant future? How can we in the western world shield the peace loving and law abiding MUSLIMS from the discrimination due to the evil acts of few in the community?

    One point I missed earlier is regarding the high level of alert in USA, NYPD was equipped with RADIOACTIVE detection equipment. What is the significance of it in todays world. Is it possible that they(USA Government) might be planning to plant a device in the safe hands and locate it later on so that they can advance their case against Pakistan stating that Pakistan might have given the technology to these elements which would make it palatable for the world public and accept the argument in favour of all out attack on Pakistan to gain complete control over NUCLEAR ARSENAL.
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