Terrorist Dawood's popularity in Dongri

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Are the people of Dongri anti-national ?

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  1. ashdoc

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    Looks like international terrorist Dawood Ibrahim is still the hero of Dongri---the muslim quarter of Mumbai .

    All it took to prove this was actor Sonu Sood to play the character of Dawood in an upcoming film---and he immediately was welcomed in Dongri ,the area where the young Dawood reportedly used to stalk in his youth with a sharp knife .


    Sometimes, playing a bad man can have its advantages. As Sonu Sood discovered while playing Dawood Ibrahim in his new film, more so when he was shooting in Dongri, where the underworld don spent his early years. Not surprisingly, the actor was even addressed as Dawood bhai by the locals and they brought special tea, snacks and sweets like phirni for him during the time he filmed there.

    The first time he set foot in the area, the actor was surprised by the curiosity of the people. "They were asking 'Dawood bhai kidhar hai?' and I was wondering what the matter was," recalls the actor.

    That's not all. They'd applaud loudly after every shot during the action scenes. As Sonu says, "The character is a very bindaas person, very daring. When we were shooting action sequences, people were cheering as if I were one of their own." When asked about being served home-made special tea, snacks and desserts, the actor says, "Even though they'd gather to see the shoot, they were extremely cooperative. When they'd get eatables for me out of love and affection, it was only right that I acknowledge their feelings by having some of the things." At the end of it all, it looks like Sonu sure had a field day playing Dawood, and that too in the dreaded don's own neighbourhood.

    Sonu Sood gets royal treatment in Dongri - Times Of India
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    Why bother about uneducated chawl people. I have heard even educated people say, if not for Dawwod many more of us would have been killed (in 92-93).
  4. Tolaha

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    I voted 'No'. Its a Bollywood shooting going on. Anyone would like to treat those actors. Can't find anything fault as far as the locals behaviour is concerned, atleast in that article!
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