Terror conclave on Indian passports

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    117 ceasefire violations by Pakistan in 2012 and five Sarpanches murdered by terrorists in Kashmir in the last 12 months, yet these 7 men willingly met Indian enemies in Pakistan. It is the shocking story of how Pro Pakistan Indian separatists were part of a Pakistan organised terror conclave where they met 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed and Hizbul Chief Syed Salauddin.

    The terror junket is sparking off massive outrage against the Omar Abdullah Government already facing flak for not providing adequate security to Sarpanches in the Valley. While these seven men have a lot of questions to answer about their terror conclave, so does the Government of India especially to those who are living in fear in the Valley, thanks to the very terrorists who held court for the separatists. Chaudhary Darbar Ahmed, Sarpanch, Dhanori, said,They are giving visas to the enemies of the country, they're letting them meet Hafiz Saeed, and they're letting us die of gunshots.

    Did these leaders inform the Govt of India about their plan to meet 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed and Salauddin?
    What role did the Pakistan Army have in fixing the meeting of these pro Pakistan separatist leaders with Saeed?
    Is it true that Saeed discussed plans to escalate 'jihad in Kashmir' with these pro Pakistan leaders?
    Are Hafiz Saeed and Salauddin statesmen that Indian separatists should have meetings with them?
    Should all those who had the meeting with Hafiz Saeed make a public declaration on what the contents of the meetings were?
    Has the Indian state been reduced to a travel agent for the terror junkets of the enemy within?

    Excl: Terror conclave on Indian passport-News-Exclusives-TIMESNOW.tv - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos

    Once bitten shy twice, but Government of India enduring Prime minister Manmohan Singh's Pakistan Project is taking every poisonous bite of Pakistan and its agents living in India.

    Goverment of India lead by Manmohan Singh (the same Prime Minster who was stammering to use word 'terrorism' with his American counterpart) is giving fast track visa to Hurriyat terrorists and Javed Miyandad; people who have been conspiring against India and supporting strategic strikes against us.

    Now the same government is witnessing drama scripted by Pakistanis they are doing just to make sure we are further battered to pulp and to create a smoke screen for their bullying/infiltration in J&K to remain intact and be brushed under the carpet by spineless India.

    Please give me an example of a nation who will do the same as we are doing !

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