Tension in Delhi's Trilokpuri after communal riots

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    New Delhi: Situation in riot-affected Trilokpuri in East Delhi remained tense, but under control, even as an uneasy calm prevailed in the area on Sunday. Major parts of Trilokpuri wore a deserted look with the Delhi police and Rapid Action Force personnel enforcing a strict vigil the entire day.

    No untoward incident was reported in the past 24 hours after Section 144 was clamped in the area on Saturday. All throughout the day, police officers were seen roaming in the area and directing people to stay indoors.

    Fearing police reprisal, most residents stayed indoors till late evening with exception of certain individuals who took it on themselves to clean the streets of tremendous amounts of stones and broken glass bottles exchanged by members of the two religious communities during a violent confrontation.

    Police officers made several rounds of the entire Trikokpuri, especially Blocks 14, 15 and 27 neighbourhoods, which had witnessed the maximum amount of clashes between the two religious communities.

    Tension in Delhi's Trilokpuri after communal riots

    why is media so biased? what do they mean by religious communities? Why cant they name the communities involved?

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