Tens of Christian Women, Children & Men Killed celebrating Easter in Pakistan

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by hit&run, Mar 28, 2016.

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    At least 72 killed in suicide blast as terror revisits Lahore

    There is deliberate attempt by Pakistanis to hide the fact that they have been systematically following the script that started in 1947 to butcher every minority that some how stayed back in this state crowded by Muslims.

    The bigger beneficiary of this attack is going to be the dominate Muslim clergy enterprise that by siege, violence and abduction do conversions of remaining non Muslim population of Pakistan.

    Elite Pakistani Muslims who creep into every social media and main stream media sphere to rant moralities, doing the business of showing mirror to others and bravado being a nuclear power are nothing but domestic carpet mites who grow only by sucking blood of own people and then use same strength to serve rouge hyper powers.

    The so called Pakistani strategic experts who otherwise know every thing and anything; all of them by a design doing lip service with boiler plate excuses and pretending clueless victims. They all know they have never highlighted the plight of minorities in their country and have been partners in crime; allowing bigots to abuse minorities with impunity and show them as third class subjects, who are there in Pakistan by an unfortunate historic accident; they are trying to counteract.
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    This is a tragedy. I was watching the carnage. RIP to the deceased. Pakistan is indeed in a pathetic condition, but this will keep happening all over the world, not just Pakistan, unless someone crushes the Wahhabi poison coming out of Saudi Arabia.
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    See part on christian militants in NE, forcefully converting Hindus or state patronage in A.P.

    As for wahhab here's something that puts it in context :


    Such was the decrepit Moslem world which faced nineteenth-century Europe. The result was a foregone conclusion. One by one, subjection of the Moslem world was complete—on paper.

    On paper! For, in its very hour of apparent triumph, Western domination was challenged as never before. During those hundred years of Western conquest a mighty internal change had been coming over the Moslem world. The swelling tide of Western aggression had at last moved the "immovable" East. At last Islam became conscious of its decrepitude, and with that consciousness a vast ferment, obscure yet profound, began to leaven the 250,000,000 followers of the Prophet from Morocco to China and from Turkestan to the Congo. The first spark was fittingly struck in the Arabian desert, the cradle of Islam. Here at the opening of the nineteenth century, arose the Wahhabi movement for the reform of Islam, which presently kindled the far-flung "Mohammedan Revival," which in its turn begat the movement known as "Pan-Islamism
    —Lothrop Stoddard, The New World of Islam, Introduction.


    India seems to be on higher end, above even Belgium.
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    What is bizarre is that Pakistani police and other internal security agencies seem completely helpless in stopping such indiscriminate acts of violence.

    After Hindus, it is the turn of Shia and Christians. The jehadi puritanical heaven will not be built unless every other religion or thought is completely eradicated. The government of Pakistan is either a mute spectator or a collaborator.
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    My condolences to the families of the deceased.

    A truly barbaric and animalistic terror attack, targeting innocent women and children. My blood boils!

    What happened to that zarb-e-azab operation by the "super-duper" Raheel Sharif that was supposed to have eliminated terrorism for once and for all in Pakistan?
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    ISLAMABAD, March 29 (Reuters) - The Pakistani militants who bombed a Lahore park on Easter Sunday, killing 70 people, taunted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday, declaring their war had come to his doorstep.

    The military has said it is hunting the Taliban's Jamaat-ur-Ahrar faction and has carried out several raids since the suicide bombing, but neither the military nor the government has given any details.

    Jamaat-ur-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying it had targeted Christians celebrating Easter and warning it would step up attacks.

    Lahore is the capital of Punjab, Pakistan's richest and most populous province and Sharif's political heartland.

    "Let Nawaz Sharif know that this war has now come to the threshold of his home," tweeted Jamaat-ur-Ahrar spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan. "The winners of this war will, God willing, be the righteous mujahideen."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/re...stan-PM-Easter-Day-bombing.html#ixzz44HJWmbpD

    Punjabi Army don't have any control over Baloch/Fata/Karachi/Sind now TTP want to create unrest in Punjab and implement Sharia in entire Punjab (&Pak).......... Acchedin for Islamic rape-blic of Porkistan.

    GOI must offer instant permanent refugee status to all Hindus&Sikhs from pak and help Christians to migrate west and shoot at sight order at borders. :D
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    Rest of the world does not give a damn when Indians die due to Muzzie terrorist. For a change give back in kind especially to pakis.
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