Temple issue in Kashmir and Greaterkashmir.com propaganda

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    Check out these two different news reports quoting the J&K govt.

    No temple land encroached in Valley: Govt​

    Srinagar, Oct 4: The State Government on Thursday stated that no temple land was encroached in any of district of Kashmir Valley.
    In a written reply to query of BJP MLA Chaman Lal Gupta Minister for Relief and Rehabilitation, Raman Bhalla said there were complains of encroachment of land belonging to Kashmiri Pandits in many district.

    “In Srinagar district, most of the migrants have sold their property. The left over property has been protected by the government,” the reply reads.

    It further states that the immovable property of migrants in Srinagar district was huge. Giving out the district-wise details of immovable property of Kashmiri Pandits who left Kashmir in 1990 the government reply states that in Kulgam district, majority of the land belonging to Pandits is intact

    “But there were complaints of encroachments. So far 112 kanals of land has been evicted in Kulgam district,” the reply states.

    It reads that in Bandipore district 44 structures were intact of which 34 were under the occupation of forces. Similarly, in other districts of Kashmir, like Islamabad (Anantnag), Budgam, Ganderbal and Shopian, there were massive encroachments that were being evacuated.

    About the encroachment of temple land in Kashmir the government reply states that there was no encroachment of land in any of the districts in Kashmir.

    “In Shopian, two temples have been reconstructed. The total number of temples in Kashmir are 448 and no temple land was encroached in any of the districts in Kashmir,” the reply reads.

    No temple land encroached in Valley Govt Lastupdate:- Fri, 5 Oct 2012 18:30:00 GMT GreaterKashmir.com

    Now see same news item on rediff (news source PTI)

    Over 200 temples in JK have suffered damage: Govt​

    The Jammu and Kashmir [ Images ] government on Thursday said over 200 temples in the Valley have suffered damage over the years but there were no encroachments on temple land.

    In a written reply to Member of Legislative Assembly Chaman Lal Gupta's question in the state assembly, the government said 208 of the 438 temples in the Valley had been damaged over the years.

    The government said 57 temples have been damaged in Srinagar [ Images ], followed by south Kashmir's Anantnag district, where 56 temples have suffered damage.

    The government, in its reply, did not elaborate on how the temples were damaged.

    The rest of the eight districts in the Valley account for the other damaged temples. The government said while a total of 63 hectares of land was under the 436 temples in the Valley, there were no cases of encroachment on land so far.

    Various Kashmiri Pandit organisations have been demanding passing of the bill for protection of Hindu Temples and Shrines in Kashmir.

    Giving details of the damage to private properties of migrants in the Valley, the government said nearly 75 per cent of the 1,234 structures in Srinagar district have been gutted while in south Kashmir's Kulgam district, nearly 85 per cent of the 754 structures have been damaged.

    "In Srinagar district, most of the migrants have sold their property. However, the unsold properties have been protected in light of provisions of the J&K Migrant Immovable Property Preservation, Protection and Restrain on Distress Sale Act 1997," the government said.

    Over 200 temples in JK have suffered damage: Govt - Rediff.com India News
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    :hmm: The titles are poles apart. Two different ways of putting the same information? Not quite!!
    Greater Kashmir article emphasizes half a dozen times that encroachment on temple land is not true. Rediff article says that but also emphasizes that many temples have suffered damage.
    Greater Kashmir article said nothing about damage to temples. It simply gloats over by quoting that 2 temples were being reconstructed
    Just wondering, would Rahul Gandhi visit a temple in Kashmir trip? I know their kind is fond of visiting mazaars/graves (Babar) and dargaahs across the sub continent.

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    This is communal report hence our main media is not reporting ,if it would have other state and mosque instead of temple ,you can see fireworks
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