Tejpal & Shoma -owned firm organises THiNK Fest, not Tehelka

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    Tarun Tejpal & Shoma Chaudhury-owned firm organises THiNK Fest, not Tehelka

    THiNK Fest, which is at the centre of the controversy over the alleged rape attempt by the founder and editor-in-chief of Tehelka magazine Tarun Tejpal on a woman journalist, is organised by an entity called Thinkworks Pvt Ltd, which is entirely owned by Tejpal, his sister Neena Tejpal and the magazine's managing editor Shoma Chaudhary.

    The only association of Thinkworks with Anant Media Pvt Ltd, which publishes Tehelka, is that it buys advertisement space from the magazine, though the sponsors said their understanding was that THiNK Fest was organised by Tehelka magazine.


    Thinkworks is one of the five companies promoted by Tarun Tejpal since 2006. Two of the firms are in hospitality industry. Started in February 2010, a year before the first THiNK Fest, Thinkworks is the most profitable business of the five with a gross revenue of Rs 14.2 crore as on March 31 this year. According to the filings with the Registrar of Companies (RoC), Tarun Tejpal has 80 per cent stake in Think-works, while Neena Tejpal and Suparana Chaudhary have 10 per cent stake each. Suparana Chaudhary is the official name of the managing editor of Tehelka magazine, who is better known by her pen name Shoma Chaudhary.

    Tarun Tejpal & Shoma Chaudhury-owned firm organises THiNK Fest, not Tehelka - Indian Express


    Another twist to save the reputation and the viability of Tehelka - teh golden goose that lays the financial egg.

    So, it is not Shoma but Suparna.

    And she is a joint owner with Teroon.

    The usual business practice of having separate entities cloaking the banyan tree!

    Now, if the participants were under the impressing that this Think whatever was a Tehelka do, then Tejpal and Shoma cum Suparna have duped the participants by not being upfront.

    It appears that the whole issue is mired with murky going ons.
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