Tata Nano in Jamaica

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    Today, there are two Tata Nano motor cars in Jamaica. By Friday, there should be 10 more of what has been touted as the world's cheapest new car in the island. And by December 15 Joe Ferreira, director of new markets for Nano importers Metis Motors, hopes to begin handing over the cars to customers.

    By February 2013, he said, "we should start building up stock".

    However, despite reporting strong interest in some quarters, especially from organisations with large fleets which have to navigate heavy traffic, Ferreira knows that he will have to overcome some purchaser resistance. "A lot of people are skeptical, will always love bigger and better. I hear people complain it does not have a nose," he said.

    But it is in that very truncated bonnet where the Tata Nano pins its greatest hopes of winning over a Jamaican public which must balance its love of flash, features and fast with high - and often rising - gas prices. The rear-engined Nano takes in its fuel at the front, then miserly sips it to return a loudly and proudly claimed 60 miles per gallon, or 26 kilometres per litre.


    Another gas claim is emblazoned on the orange Tata Nano which, along with a white model, heralds the hoped for Tata takeover of the mini people-mover market. Ferreira told Automotives that not only was he at the wheel when the Nano did the Kingston to Montego Bay journey on $820 fuel, but he was pushing the car hard as well, getting traffic tickets in the process

    In terms of innovation, Ferreira pointed to the 31 patents which the Tata Nano boasts.

    The Tata Nano comes with a 25,000 kilometre or two-year warranty, whichever comes first, and sells for $940,000, a discount programme depending on the payment arrangement bringing the price down to $893,000.00. Financing is available through some institutions, Ferreria conceding that there are some organisations which will not take on the Nano.

    And working out one possibility for monthly payments, Ferreira said, "At $14,000, it brings the Nano to the lives of people who would never own a car."


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    This is what i was hoping for,..........Market Nano in counties with promise of development. In cuntries like Sri lanka, Jamaica, or malaysia, where people look for cheap cars for thier basic requirments
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    Nano always reminds me of Ferrari. Bonnet kholo & What the fuzz, bina engine k gaadi....

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