Target killings take 1100 lives in Karachi

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    Target killings take 1100 lives in Karachi | Business Standard

    Target killings in Pakistan's financial capital Karachi continues unabated claiming 1100 lives so far with 129 deaths this month alone, said a report.

    According to figures collected from the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), police sources and media reports so far around 1100 target killings took place this year with 129 killed in July alone.

    The number of people killed include common people, political and religious activists and security officials.

    In some cases people were killed for not accepting extortion demands from extortionists.

    52 policemen were also targeted this year.

    Figures of those killed this year show a rising graph every month starting with January when 131 people were killed followed by 139 in Feb, 149 in March, 204 in April, 217 in May and 205 in June.

    A police official said the figure quoted above were mostly of those cases where the killings were reported to the police.

    "Some cases are not even reported,” he said, adding that in July alone 20 traders were kidnapped.

    In 2011, 1724 people were killed in violence in Karachi while in 2010 the figure stood at 1339.

    "In many instances criminals elements are openly backed by political parties and even if they are arrested they are released after a few days," a reporter from a leading newspaper said.
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