Tamil Nadu gives its drivers a licence to kill

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    CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu records more fatal accidents than any other state, but drivers who claim lives are almost inevitably back at the wheel in no time. The number of licences cancelled or suspended for drunk driving or causing fatal road accidents dropped dramatically in the past four years despite a huge increase in the number of people dying in accidents each year.

    As many as 12,784 people died in 11,813 road accidents in 2008 but the authorities cancelled the licences of only 358 reckless drivers. A total of 15,422 people died in accidents between April 2011 and March 2012, but the authorities cancelled a piffling 178 licences.

    The transport department and the police have also shown alarming laxity while dealing with drunk driving, cancelling fewer licences than ever before. There was an 80% drop in licences revoked for driving or riding under the influence of alcohol, from 1,356 in 2008 to 275 last year. The State Crime Records Bureau does not even record accidents caused due to drunken driving.

    Transport department officials say the police have to set the ball rolling for them to take action against drivers. "We can cancel licences only if the police recommends that we take action in cases of fatal accidents and drunken driving," a senior official said.

    Transport commissioner T Prabhakara Rao accepts that both departments could be at fault for failing to punish offenders. "Most cases drag on in court and many of the accused get stay orders," he said.


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