Tamil Cinema should learn from Bollywood: Kamal Haasan

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    "Acting in Hindi cinema has improved to the extent that we should envy it. Earlier, subtle nuances and emotions were the mainstay of Malayalam cinema. Suddenly, Hindi cinema has more sensible acting," he said at the closing session on '100 years of Indian Cinema: Awaiting the Next Century'.

    Director Priyadarshan cut in to attribute this to the "fine theatre tradition in Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi that has given rise to a new wave of acting". He also touched upon the shortage of writers in the Indian film industry.

    Haasan said, "We have killed Tamil theatre. It is copying cinema instead of the other way around. There is intelligent stand-up comedy but no fine acting. We need a regional school of drama like the National School of Drama."

    Earlier in the day, actors, directors and producers from the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi film industries gathered to talk about the progress Indian cinema had made since Marathi filmmaker Dadasaheb Phalke directed 'Raja Harishchandra' in 1913. Sessions included discussions on digital production, visual effects, audio technology, finance and taxation, and industry trends.

    The two-day conclave was inaugurated by Kamal Haasan, Hollywood producer Barrie Osborne, Telugu film producer Suresh Babu, president of the South Indian Film Producers' Association C Kalyan, and director Ameer.

    Haasan, who is also chairman of the conclave, acknowledged the efforts of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( Ficci) to bring policy changes in various segments of the media and entertainment industry. He highlighted its entertainment division's achievements, including the accordance of "industry status" to films.

    Tamil cinema should learn from Hindi: Kamal Haasan - Times Of India
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    yeah yeah to add more kissing scenes in every cinema possible..
    kamalhasan making such comments when every cinema of south is being dubbed in hindi and becoming block buster hits..

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