Taller, fatter Chinese soldiers outgrowing their equipment

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    Taller, fatter Chinese soldiers outgrowing their equipment

    From cockpits to tanks, a survey by the People’s Liberation Army has revealed that China's soldiers cannot fit into equipment designed decades ago

    Chinese soldiers have become so much taller and fatter in recent years that they are in danger of outgrowing their equipment, according to a People’s Liberation Army survey.

    Troopers were on average 0.8 inches taller and two inches fatter around the waist than 20 years ago, the military’s official PLA Daily reported.

    As a result, it is harder for soldiers to fit into aircraft cockpits and into a tanks designed for smaller personnel 30 years ago, it said.
    Even the rifle stocks are too short for some, and may need to be lengthened too, so as to not to affect firing accuracy.

    The findings of the survey, which began in 2009 and included more than 20,000 soldiers, suggests an upgrade to the military's equipment is necessary.

    Ding Songtao, head of the poll project, said: “Equipment must be in the right size for the battlefield, as clothes have to be in everyday life.”

    Owing to rising incomes and better nutrition, many young Chinese are growing bigger and taller than their parents, which has also created a relatively new problem of obesity.

    Obesity rates have almost doubled in China since 1980, according to a recent report by the Overseas Development Institute, a London-based think tank.

    Taller, fatter Chinese soldiers outgrowing their equipment - Telegraph


    Its one thing to get tall, but if one gets fat, then it does affect the physical fitness.

    The refitting of equipment will prove to be a bit expensive for such a large force as the PLA in all its form, be it the Navy, air force, militia et al.

    Quite an unnecessary drain in China quest to be the captain of Asia and master of the world!

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