Taiwan's fingerprint sensor Egistec posts record 2Q16 revenues | DigiTimes

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    New Taiwanese companies like Egistec are extremely important. Taiwan has to move into new technological fields for the economy to prosper.

    Older technologies like notebook computers have moved to mainland China. I think China is only one generation behind Taiwan in LED brightness intensity. China has caught up in LCD displays, such as 4K TVs. China's Inspur is already the wold's fifth-largest computer server manufacturer. China also has larger scale in photovoltaics.

    Thus, it is imperative for Taiwan to keep branching out into new businesses like fingerprint sensors, medical robotics (see Taiwan's Hiwin Technologies), and medical instruments (see Taiwan's Adronic Argus Endoscopes).


    Egistec posts record 2Q16 revenues | DigiTimes


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