Taiwan to produce new anti-China missiles

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    Taiwan to produce new anti-China missiles: lawmaker

    Taiwan is expected to mass produce a potent new missile system designed to nip a Chinese invasion in the bud by striking airfields and harbours on the mainland, a lawmaker said Tuesday.

    The defence ministry has brought forward production of the "Wan Chien" missile to as early as 2014 from 2018 to equip locally-developed fighter jets with the new system, said lawmaker Lin Yu-fang, who is also military pundit.

    "If all goes smoothly mass production for 'Wan Chien' missile can start three to four years earlier from 2014," he said in a statement.

    The missile will allow Taiwanese fighter jets to aim at Chinese targets from a distance and reduce the risks of having to fly over mainland territory, Lin said.

    Also known as "Ten Thousand Swords", the missile is designed to target harbours, missile and radar bases, as well as troop build-up areas prior to any invasion of the island, he said.

    Each missile carries more than 100 warheads capable of blowing dozens of small craters in airport runways, making them impossible to use.

    "Taiwan's warplanes can strike military targets along China's southeast coast with the 'Wan Chien' missiles from long distances to avoid the huge risk of getting deep into China's aerial defence net," Lin said.

    Separately, Taiwan plans to deploy home-grown Hsiungfeng 2E cruise missiles near the mainland, placing more Chinese military bases within range, the United Evening News said Tuesday.

    The defence ministry, already armed with some missiles produced in a pilot project, has budgeted Tw$2.5 billion ($86.8 million) for the production of more cruise missiles next year, it said.

    With a range of up to 1,500 kilometres (600 miles), the cruise missile is one of the few strategic weapons Taiwan owns against its giant neighbour China, analyst say.

    Taiwanese experts estimate the People's Liberation Army currently has more than 1,600 missiles aimed at the island.

    Ties between Taiwan and its giant neighbour have improved significantly since the Beijing-friendly Kuomintang government took power in Taipei in 2008.

    But China still considers the island part of its territory awaiting reunification, by force if necessary, prompting Taipei to seek more advanced defence weaponry mainly from the United States.

    Washington in January 2010 unveiled a weapons package for Taiwan that included Patriot missiles, Black Hawk helicopters, and equipment for Taiwan's F-16 fighter jets, but no submarines or new fighter aircraft.

    A defence spokesman was not immediately available for comment.
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    The rise is not so peaceful afterall.
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    anti china missile??? it will attack all the chinese flags... any missile developed by taiwan will be anti china cuz of its proximity.

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