Taiwan renews bid to buy subs, F-16s from US

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    Taiwan renews bid to buy subs, F-16s from US

    Taiwan on Sunday said it was still pursuing its bid to buy eight submarines and dozens of F-16 fighters from the United States despite warming relations with former arch-rival China.

    The Taipei-based China Times reported Sunday that Taiwan had decided to accept a US proposal of just four conventional submarines to help expedite the arms deal which has been in limbo since 2001.

    "The report is not true. The country's position to seek (eight) diesel-powered submarines and F-16C/Ds has never changed," Taiwan's defence ministry said in a statement.

    "The deal is still in the US government's screening process. The ministry will keep pushing for the deal so as to meet Taiwan's self-defence demands."

    In April 2001 then US president George W. Bush approved the sale of eight conventional submarines as part of Washington's most comprehensive arms package to the island since 1992.

    Since then, however, there has been little progress as the United States has not built conventional submarines for more than 40 years, and Germany and Spain had reportedly declined to offer their designs for fear of offending China.

    Taiwan also applied to the US government to buy 66 F-16 fighters in early 2007, but observers say Washington has held up the deal for fear of angering Beijing.

    The Taiwanese defence ministry's statement came after a week-long visit to the United States by Chinese People's Liberation Army Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde.

    Chen said the main source of friction was over Taiwan and renewed his objection to any US arms sales to the island, which China still regards as part of its territory awaiting reunification by force if necessary even though Taiwan has governed itself since 1949 at the end of a civil war.

    The United States in January 2010 approved a 6.4 billion-dollar arms package to Taiwan, prompting a furious Beijing to halt military exchanges and security talks with Washington.

    Washington switched its diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979, but has remained a leading arms supplier to Taiwan.
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    What conventional submarines can the US offer Taiwan?
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    Conventional Subs >>

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    Taiwan welcomes US reconsideration on jet sale.

    Posted On: Apr 30, 2012

    TAIPEI (AFP) : Taiwan has said it welcomed the pledge by the United States to reconsider a proposed sale of new fighter jets to the island, a defence deal likely to upset Beijing.

    Taiwan has been pushing for the purchase of 66 new US-made F-16 fighter jets, but the deal has been stalled by Washington.

    The White House on Friday promised "serious consideration" to selling the jets in the wake of "the growing military threat to Taiwan".

    "Taiwan welcome any projects that will help enhance and strengthen our self-defence capabilities," Taiwan's defence ministry spokesman David Lo said, declining to elaborate on the sensitive issue.

    Under US law, the administration is required to provide for the self-defence of Taiwan, a self-governing democracy that China claims as its territory.

    Washington announced in September it would equip Taiwan's 146 F-16 A/B jets with new technologies, in a $5.85 billion deal which falls short of the island's fervent wish for 66 new F-16 C/Ds.

    Although the package was less than what Taiwan had hoped for, it triggered an angry response from China, which warned that the deal would damage Sino-US military ties.

    Tensions between Taipei and Beijing have eased markedly since 2008 when Ma Ying-jeou of the China-friendly Kuomintang party came to power on platform of beefing up trade and tourism links with China.

    Yet China still considers it part of its territory and has threatened to invade Taiwan even though the island has ruled itself for more than 60 years at the end of a civil war in 1949.

    Taiwan welcomes US reconsideration on jet sale - Brahmand.com
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    For the past 20 (or more) years, Taiwan has been anxiously waiting India to become some reliable weapons supplier. Trust me, should there be anyone more disappointed than DFI fellows here about India's not-that-successful indigenous military industry... ...

    Just like most weapon systems, it's the spare parts (& continuous upgrade) that matters most. At this front, China had successfully "scared away" all possible submarine suppliers - including France, in almost all fronts such as Mirage 2000, Lafayette frigate, they can't wait to cut off parts supply to Taiwan just because of China pressure. We Taiwanese bitterly watched France did all those postures on Tibet, Dalai La Ma, human rights (weapon embargo), etc. Heck, it even cut all "triangle trade" supply possibility.
    -- There is NO accuse anyone for anything here. Perhaps it's simply geopolitical and national interest, which I can understand. All we can say is that: there has been NONE, no matter how it shows, can resist China's pressure, perhaps except US.

    All in all, unless India can build up its own spare parts chain successfully, I am conservative to the idea to acquire Scorpene built by India. Till that time, will China be strong enough to bully India? I don't know... ... ...:pray:
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    How do you know India is even allowed to export Scorpene subs? Does France allow it?

    You will have to wait quite a while , it seems.

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