Syrian rebels treat captured 21 Filipino UN soldiers

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    MANILA, Philippines—The Armed Forces of the Philippines said Thursday that Filipino soldiers belonging to the United Nations peacekeeping force who were seized by Syrian rebels were not considered prisoners by their captors but “guests who are being treated well.”

    “They are being treated as guests, not as prisoners,” Colonel Arnulfo Burgos, Jr., AFP spokesperson, said at a press conference at Camp Aguinaldo.

    Burgos said the highest-ranking officer among the 21 soldiers being held — an Army major — had spoken to the commander of the UN Disengagement Observer Forces (UNDOF) and said that “they are being treated well.”

    The UNDOF commander is negotiating with the Syrian rebels, Burgos said.

    Burgos said that the rebels reportedly wanted a repositioning of the Syrian government troops in exchange for the release of the 21 UN peacekeepers.

    Burgos said that sketchy reports reaching Manila showed that the Filipinos were seized at noon (around 6 p.m. in Manila) on Wednesday as they were transporting supplies.

    Burgos said the UN peacekeepers had actually passed a first checkpoint of the Syrian rebels and were held briefly but were released right away.

    “But on the second time that they were stopped by they rebels, they were no longer released. The keys of their vehicles are with the Syrian rebels,” Burgos said.

    Burgos said all the 21 Filipino soldiers have been identified but the AFP would not release their names as their families have yet to be informed.
    Syrian rebels treat captured Filipino soldiers as ‘guests’ – military spokesman | Inquirer Global Nation
    @Zero_Wing, why you people are there?
    to protect your interests
    PHILIPPINES - SYRIA Some 5,000 Filipino migrant workers caught up in the Syrian inferno - Asia News
    Some 5,000 Filipino migrant workers caught up in the Syrian inferno
    Most of the migrants are women, employed as domestic and care workers by rich Syrian and foreign families. About 300 have been repatriated after fighting between rebels and the army put their lives in harm's way.

    These Muslim totally have no idea what they are doing. Muslim kidnapping Christian! it can be very very seriously
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    Oh please they got capture because they were not armed if they were those sira ulo Syrian will be running like hell back to the holes they came from! Let me be clear am for the Free Syria movement but doing this to peaceful peacekeepers is a crime and this idiots should be punish. this a dent on their cause the leaders of the revolution should take action to this.

    Oh nice troll and to hell with you and your kind!

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