Sword-wielding molester slashes one before cops bring him down

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    When locals took on the three perverts, two ran away. The third decided to stand his ground - a sword in each hand.

    A vigilant crowd in Thane's Kasarwadawli neighbourhood on Friday afternoon intervened and stopped three men from molesting a girl on her way home from school.

    While two of the molesters managed to flee the spot, the third armed with two swords was locked in a fierce stand-off with the crowd and the cops for nearly forty minutes before he was overpowered.

    The sword-wielding molester, identified by the cops as Jasbir Singh, 25, later led them to the other two accused Avtar Singh, 27, and Mangaljit Singh, 38. All three have been arrested under the stringent Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO).

    One person suffered a gash to his head as Jasbir went around the neighbourhood thrusting and slashing with the two swords he got hold of when he entered a gurudwara while being chased by the crowd.

    The entire drama, recorded by several people on their mobile phones, unfolded on a busy Kasarwadawli street soon after Jasbir, Avtar, and Mangaljit blocked the way of 13-year-old girl and began touching her. The girl's screams caught the attention of people around and soon a small crowd gathered. Sensing trouble, Avtar and Mangaljit ran away.

    Jasbir too tried to escape but was chased by the crowd. As the crowd grew bigger and tempers rose, Jasbir entered the Gurunanak Darbar Gurudwara and emerged from there holding two swords and began attacking people. As he swung the swords wildly, he caught one man in the head. This is when panic set in and people started making calls to the cops.

    A police party arrived at the scene within minutes, but Jasbir continued to swing the swords menacingly. Eventually, while on set of cops engaged him in talks, the other grabbed him from behind and pinned down. Jasbir was taken to the Kasarwadawli police station and placed under arrest. His two associates too were picked up soon after. Apart from POCSO, the trio has been charged with assault and causing grevious injury.

    "Our first aim was to recover the weapon as he was quite violent and capable of hurting more people. But we got good support from the local people and managed to first corner him and then take him down," said Inspector K E Varpe, who led the operation.

    Kulwant Singh, a member of United Sikhs for Humanity, a group of over 300 community members that organises events in gurudwaras, condemned the incident. "Whatever is wrong is wrong. This particular incident has no connection with any community or religion. In our community, weapons are allowed to be used only for self-protection or to help someone in trouble. These weapons should not be misused like this," he said.

    Saranpal Singh, who holds lectures on Sikhism in schools and colleges across the city, said the community members take pride in being 'protectors' and that is the reason why swords find a pride of place in gurudwaras. "We are allowed to use these weapons only to protect someone, mainly women," he said, adding that if anyone uses the weapons to harm someone for no reason, the community members will not take it lightly.

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    What is wrong is wrong. Religion has nothing to do with this stupidity. He is better be locked for rest of his life.
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    what is ----- is this???

    this is a defence forum,

    this is bs.

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