Switzerland Investigates Leaked Fighter Jet Report

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    Switzerland Investigates Leaked Fighter Jet Report

    GENEVA - Swiss prosecutors have launched a probe into a violation of official secrecy after reports related to the purchase of new fighter jets were leaked to the media, a judicial source said Dec. 2.

    The federal prosecution office confirmed the launch of the investigation to AFP following reports in local dailies Tages-Anzeiger and Bund.

    The probe concerns two classified reports by the Swiss air force that were critical of the Swedish Gripen aircraft, manufactured by Saab, and which were sent to another newspaper, the Basler Zeitung.

    The reports were published just days before the Swiss government's decision on which type of combat aircraft to buy.

    Despite the damaging reports, the Swiss government opted for the Gripen in the deal worth more than 3 billion Swiss francs (2.5 billion euros), over rival models the French Rafale and the Eurofighter.

    Switzerland Investigates Leaked Fighter Jet Report - Defense News

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