Swiss destroys files on nukes proliferation

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    Bern, 26.03.2013 - Following are the final judgment in the case has Tinner, the Department of Justice and Migration (FOM), the decision of the Federal completed and copies of files destroyed, which the Attorney General had found the end of 2008 in its archives. It is 58 pages with information on the construction of nuclear weapons and other documents containing information on uranium enrichment. The originals were destroyed, along with other documents in 2007 by a decision of the Federal Council.

    Of the 58 copies of the information Kernwaffenbau the Bundesrat 2009 had made in collaboration with specialists from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to create placeholders that were the law enforcement authorities on the method of disposal. The remaining copies were also made available to law enforcement authorities. The Federal Council decided to postpone the destruction of copies of files pending the judgments in the case Tinner.

    The Federal Criminal Court in February 2013, the FDJP has informed that the judgments are grown in force. The records could therefore be destroyed in the presence of the IAEA - except for a few documents with information to enrich uranium, which were handed over to the IAEA at their request. Thus located in Switzerland no longer acts for Tinner case, which must be destroyed in accordance with the Federal decisions.
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    Nuclear Proliferation
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