SWA drone attacks death toll rises to 22

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    WANA: The death toll in three serial attacks by U.S. predators in different areas of South Waziristan Agency (SWA) surged to 22, which also included 7 aliens.

    Sources said that the first attack at 2.00 A.M in the night firing two missiles on a house killed three persons and wounded two. The second was on a Madressa at 6.00 A.M in the morning resulting in the death of 4 persons and three injured, while 10 more bodies were retrieved from the debris of the smashed house, which has taken the death toll in the two attacks to 17, which also included 7 foreigners, sources said.

    The third attack followed today at 11.15 A.M, when the drone once again targeted a vehicle at a place called Shawal on the border of South and North Waziristan, which left 5 dead, thus surging the total in three drone sorties to 22.

    SWA drone attacks death toll rises to 22

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