Sushma seeks revenge, says 'get ten heads if they don't return one'

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    I don't condone the statement by Sushma Swaraj. It's in fact irresponsible. We don't need their dirty heads here we need india to act in a manner which also helps larger strategic goals.


    NEW DELHI: BJP leader Sushma Swaraj has sought revenge against the brutal beheading of Lance Naik Hemraj by Pakistani troops.

    If they don't give us one head, we should bring back their ten heads, Sushma said talking to reporters after meeting the family of the martyr.

    Sushma slammed the Centre for its muted response to the Pakistani aggression and sought an apology from the government.

    The government should act tough as the country was angry, Sushma said.

    She hit out at the government for not giving the martyr his due.
    The martyr's family is rightfully upset with the government, she said.

    The defence minister or at least the minister of state for defence should have attended the martyr's funeral, Sushma said.

    Sushma Swaraj was part of a BJP delegation, that included party chief Nitin Gadkari and Rajnath Singh, that met the family of the martyr in Shernagar village in Mathura district, about 350 km from Lucknow.
    Sushma seeks revenge, wants govt to act tough - TOI Mobile | The Times of India Mobile Site
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    Re: Sushma seeks revenge, says 'get ten heads if they don't return one

    India is indeed suffering from Pak syndrome , everyone has foot in mouth problem and everyone is turning into religious bigot :tsk:
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    Re: Sushma seeks revenge, says 'get ten heads if they don't return one

    I agree that we should not go the barbarians way, but the language they understand is that of the gun. We should make sure that if they kill ever one of our citizen we should be in a position to take down 10 of these barbarians. :mad:
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    Re: Sushma seeks revenge, says 'get ten heads if they don't return one

    It would serve no purpose to anyone except for someone who collects heads. Pak will simply deny that they are their troops. Apparently soldiers are worth less than Rs 5 lac. There.

    If we really want to extract revenge, it must be an overwhelming response. By that I dont mean bringing a C17 full of heads. We must hit where it hurts, and bleeds. And that leaves only two worthwhile targets, either the GHQ, or the ISI HQ. A lower down the ladder would be the corps HQ. An attack on their higher ups will spread the corect message to the border troops. Just like the airstrike/straffing by IAf on Niazi's palace brought the entire PAk army to its knees.
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